About Us

The Zagreb Radio Fest (ZRF) is a traditional celebration organized every year in June by the Zagreb Amateur Radio Council. The Festival is organized as a way to expand knowledge of the technical culture, to exchange experiences, to educate, socialize and to encourage a competitive spirit, especially among the young. The event brings together amateur radio operators and amateur radio organizations from Croatia and the rest of middle Europe, distributors of telecommunications and computer equipment, individuals who love electronics and computers, and individuals who are professionally engaged in these pursuits.

Organizing Committee of the Zagreb Radio Fest 2019.

Boris Vrbanović                     9A2JY Director ZRF-a

Nikola Perćin                          9A5W Substiute Director ZRF-a

Zdravko Balen                        9A9A Member of Org. Committee

Zdravko Todorovski              9A6T Member of Org. Committee

Ulip Željko                              9A2EY Member of Org. Committee

Tel./fax: ++385 (0)1 46 14 303
e-mail : zrf@email.t-com.hr
web: http://zars.hr